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Bankruptcy & Personal Injury
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Jeffrey C. Flax

Jeffrey C. Flax


After graduating from William & Mary Law School (formerly known as Marshall-Wythe Law School), Attorney Flax has passionately served Virginia with diligence and valor.
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Bankruptcy can affect more than just your finances—it can affect all aspects of your life, just as issues surrounding a personal injury, family law, or real estate can, too. If you are debating on whether bankruptcy is right for you, have been injured in an accident, searching to buy a home, going through a divorce, or trying to figure out your estate, our attorneys can help. We can help ease your anxieties, show you your options and the pros and cons of each choice, and more. With a collaborative approach, our attorneys have the skills, experience, and knowledge to give your bankruptcy or personal injury case the attention it deserves.

When you find yourself in a tough situation, such as an injury due to someone else's negligence, drowning in debt, or anything else, look no further than Childress, Flax & Levine PC. Our attorneys have over 100 years of experience, offering expert services to lifelong clients in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and the surrounding areas, including Norfolk, Chesapeake, Eastern Shore, and more. Wherever you are and whatever you need, reach out to us today. For issues surrounding bankruptcy or personal injuries, we offer a free consultation. Don't face the law alone; call our attorneys for support.